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Customer Service Award Recipients

Commonwealth Health Corporation, the parent company of The Medical Center, recognizes employees each month who exemplify "high quality" customer service standards. These employees demonstrate exceptional job performance as well as exceed customer expectations and are nominated by peers, guests or patients. The recognition program includes the Ambassador and Golden Pineapple Award programs.

AMBASSADORS - Recipients for July 2017

Teresa Bertrand

The Medical Center at Bowling Green - 3D

“Teresa is an amazing nurse. Her commitment to each individual patient is with compassion and top-level healthcare. Teresa is genuine and listens to the needs of her patients. She always takes time to help others. Her service to others and professional guidance is outstanding.”

Dale Minor

The Medical Center at Caverna Engineering                            

“Dale is an excellent team member. He has outstanding skills and resolves matters in a proficient manner. Dale never hesitates to help staff, patients, or visitors. He is thoughtful and a problem solver, which he demonstrates daily and in customer service to others.”


Allison Quantock

The Medical Center at Bowling Green Emergency Department

“Allison is a dedicated staff member who is always willing to help others. She is kind, considerate, and has a positive demeanor. Allison is professional in her work responsibilities and is exceptional in her customer service to patients and staff.”


GOLDEN PINEAPPLE - Recipient for 2nd Quarter 2017

Varnado Mitchell                               

Golden Pineapple - 2017 2nd Quarter

The Medical Center at Bowling Green Environmental Services

“Varnado is an outstanding supervisor. He is respectful to his co-workers, patients, and visitors. He is honest, positive, and is a wonderful mentor to his staff. Varnado is dedicated and professional in all he does.”