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The Medical Center offers a variety of classes which will help you and your family learn the things necessary to reduce your hospital stay stress and give your baby the best start in life. We suggest that each family take a group of core classes, as well as any additional ones that you desire. The core classes we suggest are:

Prepared Childbirth Class
Breastfeeding Basics
Newborn Care and Safety
Ready, Set, Go!!

For questions or additional information, please call (270) 796-2495 or email You may register for classes through this website. All classes will meet in the Auditorium unless otherwise noted. All classes are free of charge.


Note: In the event of severe weather conditions, please check your email for cancellation information from our OB Educator.




Choose the option that best fits your busy schedule. (See full class descriptions below)

OPTION 1 - Three-Week Series
This comprehensive series covers the material in the following classes:

  • Prepared Childbirth 1
  • Prepared Childbirth 2
  • Medical Interventions; C-Section - Just In Case
  • Fatherhood 101

OPTION 2 - One-Day Express
For those whose schedules aren't conducive to the three-week series, we offer this option which covers the material in the following classes in a fast-paced one-day format. Light snacks and drinks are provided.

  • Prepared Childbirth 1
  • Prepared Childbirth 2
  • Medical Interventions; C-Section - Just In Case

*In order to cover the remainder of the material from the three-week series, participants can register for the Breastfeeding Basics and Fatherhood 101.

OPTION 3 - One-Night Refresher
This one-night refresher is for those who have previously attended the Prepared Childbirth and covers the material in the Prepared Childbirth 2 class.




Breast milk is the perfect nutrition for your baby and helps protect your baby from viruses and bacteria. Tips on how to successfully breastfeed the newborn will be discussed. Bring Dad to class.


This class offers a video and discussion on what to expect if you deliver by C-section, as well as how to prepare for returning home with your baby after cesarean surgery.


So you're going to be a grandparent? Likely a lot has changed since you raised your children, so grandparents are invited to attend this class with the expectant parents. A local pediatrician will discuss the latest information related to newborns and answer questions.


This is a "hands-on" class where parents will learn important baby care skills and discuss safety issues for newborns. An infant CPR demonstration will show parents what to do in an emergency. Bring a doll or stuffed animal to class. Dad can bring one, too.


This class is the introduction to the three-week series. We will review the class schedule, tour the OB unit and cover topics including: how your body prepares itself for the task of labor and delivery, where to go on your big day, and what to pack.
*This class is only available as part of the Prepared Childbirth Three-week Series.



In this class you learn about the onset of labor and the stages of labor and delivery. We will also watch a video of a birth to see the stages of labor in action. Bring 2 pillows and a blanket because at the end of this class, we will practice relaxation and breathing techniques.
*This class is only available as part of the Prepared Childbirth Three-week Series, One-Day Express, or as the One-Night Refresher.


This class is designed for all parents who plan to deliver at The Medical Center. It will guide you through the paperwork that is required when you are admitted to the hospital for delivery. By attending this class, you will be better prepared for your admission and discharge from the hospital. A tour of the OB unit will be provided and you will have an opportunity to pre-register for labor and delivery.


This is a class for siblings ages 3 and up to help prepare them for the arrival of the new baby. A tour of the obstetrics (OB) unit is included with light refreshments and a video. When registering each sibling, please list their age separately. Participants should bring a doll or stuffed animal.


This class will cover several topics that will better prepare you for the unique challenges moms and dads of multiples will face. Support networks will also be discussed. This class is led by Tracy Wheeler, RN, a nursery nurse at The Medical Center and a mother of twins.